Fall II Classes

  November 4 - December 20 2019

  • Science "Explorers Club" 

    • Calling all young scientists to join us in the fun of learning about science by taking trips to sites in our area! We will be going on a field trip every week to discover interesting and fun ideas involving a new field of science. A few of the places we play to go include the Planetarium and the Earth Science museum at Radford University​. Monday 4:30-6:30pm, Grades 4-10, $35/seven week session

  • Cooking Class

    • This is a great class for anyone who wants to learn how to prepare a mean for themselves, their family, or for guests and visitors. You will start by learning the basics of knife safety as well as important health and nutrition lessons. Understand how to best prepare salads, eat, chicken, fish, as well as delicious desserts. The best part is that you get to eat what you made at the end of each and every class! Monday 5-7pm, Grades 4-10, $35/seven week session

  • Holiday Art Class

    • There is no better gift than a homemade one! Come join the holiday art class and make different special gifts for your family and friends every week. You will also learn how to make different types of cards as well as a few gift wrapping ideas. ​Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm, Grades 4-10, $35/seven week session

  • JAM

    • Pick the instrument of your choice ans learn to play old time appalachian music. Instructors from the Radford University Music Education Department are currently leading classes in both guitar and fiddle. If you don't have an instrument, don't worry about it. We have plenty instruments that you may borrow.​ Wednesday 5-6:30pm, Grades 4-12, $35/seven week session

  • Take Me to the Movies

    • Come to the Pulaski Community Youth Center to watch a different movie every week on our big screen. Check out our facebook page to see the schedule of age appropriate free films that will be screened. Popcorn and drinks will be available. Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm, Grades 4-10, FREE to all Members

  • Game Night

    • ​Come hang out at the Youth Center and play some board games , shoot some pool, play ping pong, and even play in the gym. Come with your friends, or meet some new ones while you're here! Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm, Grades 4-10, FREE to all Members

  • Let's Play!

    • We are offering a youth fitness class designed to improve overall coordination, endurance, and strength all while having fun in the process. We will be playing fun games such as capture the flag, kickball, and much more. Each class will be a different activity. Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm, Grades 4-10,​ $35/seven week session